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Tech Firms: Bracing for the Risks of the Industry

The accomplishments of technology icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg continue to attract young programmers into the realm of business, with many starting up their own tech firms in the hope of replicating these moguls’ successes. Reality TV competitions, such as Techstars, for example, draw more computer science and I.T. majors into entrepreneurship with the promise of exclusive mentorship and more than $100,000 seed money for their business. Budding tech executives, however, tend to overlook the fact that their industry is actually among the hardest in the world of business. (more…)


Help Employees Prepare Better for Medical Expenses

Harvard University recently announced significant changes to the health-benefits program that their nonunionized employees currently enjoy. Beginning January 2015, high-deductible health plans and the use of health savings accounts will be implemented. The objective of this move is to enable the University and its employees to make pretax contributions to adequately fund and prepare for future medical costs that current health insurance plans may not cover. (more…)

Don’t Let Legal Troubles Bring You Down

Few fields are as cutthroat as the technology industry. After all, this is a trade where “smaller, faster, better” is the chief mantra, and where some of the most brilliant minds are hard at work discovering the “next big thing.”

That being said, tech professionals are people, too, and like the software and hardware they design, they aren’t immune from committing errors every now and then. Of course, even the smallest mistake can cost billions of dollars in lost revenue—and when these technology experts slip up, unhappy clients are sure to sue. (more…)

Security Breaches: Bad News for Your Startup

For any tech company in today’s information age economy, a lot rides on the company’s reputation to protect the data entrusted to it. People often input important personal information into various websites on the Internet; this can range from something innocent like names and birthdates to potentially damaging data like credit card and Social Security numbers. Moreover, private businesses often collect this information for their own use – something that data thieves can take advantage of. (more…)

What to Know About Travel Health Insurance

Few people have the opportunity to travel to numerous places in the world and experience their sights and sounds. Sure, hopping from one country to another is a great adventure. But what if things take a turn for the worst – the illness bug bites out of nowhere, and you’re in need of urgent medical care in a foreign land?

Thankfully, you have travel health insurance to cover up the slack. This special type of policy is specifically designed to cover medical expenses in the event that you get sick or injured while on a trip. While its coverage is limited, it is still a vital component of a safe overseas trip. (more…)