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Facts about Employee Liability Insurance


Many businesses are focused on various types of insurance like asset and health insurance without realizing that their greatest potential source of expensive lawsuits are their employees. Indeed, employee-related lawsuits are constantly on the rise, and they’re in fact surpassing most other business claims like professional liability.

Employer Responsibility

Legal doctrine dictate that as employer, you are generally responsible for the welfare of your employees. Of course, this only applies if the employee is doing his job safely. In short, if anything happens to your worker in the conduct of his duties, without his own negligence factoring into the picture, you will be held accountable.


Wrongful termination is among the most common employment practices claims, which basically involves illegal, discriminatory, or unfair dismissal. Sexual harassment is another common occurrence in the workplace, which includes untoward or unwelcome sexual advances, or any physical conduct of a suggestive nature.


The total cost of your employee liability insurance will vary depending on the company you’re getting it from, but there are some factors that similarly affect the cost wherever you go. Some of these include the number of your employees, the coverage you purchased, as well as your company’s policy on matters like discrimination and sexual harassment.


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