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Protecting Your Business from Hackers


With so many news circulating on the topic, it’s clear that a system hack can have a damaging effect on a business regardless of type and size. You can lose files, sensitive information, even money. If you’re a business owner, consider yourself warned: hackers are out to get you. However, there are things you can do to protect your business from hacking and its consequences.


Encrypting your sensitive files is a must. That way, even if a hacker obtains your files, they will only be able to access unintelligible encoded data.


For productivity, security, and business insurance reasons, you need to have backup copies of your files. Instead of creating backup copies on external drives though, it will be wiser to use a cloud storage service. External drives can easily get stolen, lost, or compromised, but if you backup encrypted data on a cloud, not only will your data be secure, you may also access it anywhere you are.

Obtain Insurance

If you are dealing with sensitive client and employee information, consider acquiring a data breach policy from health and business insurance providers that will protect you from hackers. This type of policy will be extremely beneficial if you deal with product/company information or client financial data that’s covered by a non-disclosure agreement.


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