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Basics of the Business Car Insurance


If you get a consultation with any reputable small business insurance agency, one of the major coverage options you will be given is the business car insurance. Indeed, a company car needs just about as much care, attention, and regular repairs as your personal set of wheels, if not more. Here are some facts you should know about this coverage:


Depending on which agent you choose to work with, there are many car coverage options you can choose from, including ones for business-use autos, or even for specific makes like pickups, cargo trucks, vans, trailers, and more. Some agents could even get you coverage on ‘non-owned’ vehicles, which is particularly useful if your employees use their own rides for business purposes.

Employee-owned Vehicles

If your line of work involves letting your employees use their own cars for deliveries, transport, or other tasks, it’s always good to give them a sense of security by having their vehicles insured. Car accidents can happen without warning, and it can get even worse if your employee ends up getting sued, and you’ll have to bear the brunt of the legal expenses.


Insurance also helps with the cost of repairs. Imagine owning a delivery business and having more than ten trucks operating round the clock, and by the end of each week, every one of them could be in need of serious repairs or maintenance. Even if you have the resources for this, it becomes simply counterproductive to business.


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