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Insuring your Car for Company Use


Some business owners opt to use their personal vehicles for work purposes. In certain ways, this is better than spending more money on an official company vehicle. The danger arises if something bad happens to the vehicle; not only do you lose your own wheels, you also lose a vital company asset. As such, it will be a good idea to arrange for commercial car coverage with business insurance companies.


Commercial car insurance policies are fundamentally the same as personal auto insurance policies. The payments will help facilitate repairs or replacements if the vehicle figured in an accident as well as cover claims for the other party. Some insurers recommend covering your vehicle under both policies to allay the risk of being charged with insurance misrepresentation.


If you have employees who do field their own vehicles for official assignments, you should take out a non-owned auto insurance policy for them. The policy will cover for their vehicles, especially if your original business insurance policy does not have them on the coverage list. Non-owned policies also come into play if a personal vehicle used for work duties breaks down and another vehicle has to be leased.


Using a personal vehicle for company services will act as a backstop while the business plans ahead for an official unit in the future. Covering them under commercial insurance will give you peace of mind.


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