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Choosing the Right Insurance Company


Business insurance is important for owners to protect themselves, their employees, and their customers. However, a startup, or even a seasoned business, can have a hard time picking the appropriate coverage and the right insurance provider. Here are some tips to help business owners review an insurance company’s competence:

  1. Check their financial health. Request for copies of their financial statements and annual reports to have a clear picture of their financial standing.
  2. Ask for their credit rating. Insurance companies get their credit rating reviewed by agencies because they work in the financial sector. A good rating means the company can meet its short-to-medium term obligations and has a sensible plan to settle its long-term debts.
  3. Look at complaint records. Any organization is bound to have one dissatisfied customer, but it’s a matter of how the insurance company handles the complaint. One that satisfactorily resolves complaints, especially during claims, is a good choice as an insurer.
  4. Go for one to be with you every step of the way. You need to be assured that an insurance company will give you all the assistance you need. A great insurance company acts like a business partner and not just an insurer.

The right insurance company is the one that can make you feel secured–financially and personally. Don’t forget to do your homework in screening for an insurer. Remember, you are running a business and thus can’t afford to end up with the wrong insurer.


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